Contract Law 2


In Contract Law, we discuss the basic rules of contract law that are commonly examined in law school and tested on the bar exam.

To help you truly learn and memorize contract law, our professional narrator uses modern, easy-to-understand language that organizes the topics in a way that makes sense.

We break down the basic common law and UCC rules of contract law, and discuss their elements in detail. And we present real-life examples to demonstrate how contract law applies to hypothetical fact patterns.

AudioOutlines – Contract Law serves as an extremely simplistic law school supplement and bar exam review rolled into one audio book. It’s a must-listen for all 1L law students and anyone preparing for the bar exam.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is a Contract (3:46)
Chapter 2. What Law Applies – Common Law or the UCC (3:07)
Chapter 3. Contract Formation – Offer (3:26)
Chapter 4. Advertisements (2:19)
Chapter 5. Offers for the Sale of Goods (3:43)
Chapter 6. Termination of an Offer (4:47)
Chapter 7. Irrevocable Offers (4:49)
Chapter 8. Acceptance (5:32)
Chapter 9. Acceptance Between Merchants Under the UCC (3:35)
Chapter 10. Mailbox Rule (6:00)
Chapter 11. Consideration (6:40)
Chapter 12. Consideration Substitutes – Detrimental Reliance and Modification (5:32)
Chapter 13. Statute of Frauds (8:32)
Chapter 14. Defenses – Illegality and Lack of Capacity (3:36)
Chapter 15. Duress and Unconscionability (2:24)
Chapter 16. Misrepresentation (3:07)
Chapter 17. Mistake (2:49)
Chapter 18. Terms of a Contract – Determined by Prior Statements (3:14)
Chapter 19. The Parol Evidence Rule (6:10)
Chapter 20. Terms of a Contract – Determined by Conduct (5:10)
Chapter 21. The UCC Risk of Loss Rules (7:04)
Chapter 22. Warranties (4:30)
Chapter 23. Conditional Promises (2:49)
Chapter 24. Excuse for Nonperformance – the Common Law Material Breach Rule (4:51)
Chapter 25. Excuse for Nonperformance Under the UCC Perfect Tender Rule (5:10)
Chapter 26. Exceptions to the UCC Perfect Tender Rule (2:45)
Chapter 27. Anticipatory Repudiation (3:47)
Chapter 28. Impossibility and Impracticability (4:23)
Chapter 29. Discharge from a Contract – Rescission, Release, Accord and Satisfaction (4:38)
Chapter 30. Third Party Beneficiaries (5:39)
Chapter 31. Assignments (5:11)
Chapter 32. Delegation (3:00)
Chapter 33. Novation (1:44)
Chapter 34. Breach of Contract Remedies – Expectation Damages (5:02)
Chapter 35. Duty to Mitigate Damages (1:52)
Chapter 36. Other Money Damages (4:18)
Chapter 37. Specific Performance (3:02)

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