Tort Law 2


In Tort Law, we discuss the basic rules of tort law that are commonly examined in law school and tested on the bar exam.

To help you truly learn and memorize tort law, our professional narrator uses modern, easy-to-understand language that organizes the topics in a way that makes sense.

We break down the basic torts, like battery and negligence, and discuss their elements in detail. And we present real-life examples to demonstrate how tort law applies to hypothetical fact patterns.

Tort Law AudioOutline serves as an extremely simplistic law school supplement and bar exam review rolled into one audio book. It’s a must-listen for all 1L law students and anyone preparing for the bar exam.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is a Tort (4:26)
Chapter 2. Intentional Torts (4:00)
Chapter 3. Battery (3:00)
Chapter 4. Assault (4:24)
Chapter 5. False Imprisonment (4:41)
Chapter 6. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (4:31)
Chapter 7. Trespass to Land (3:27)
Chapter 8. Trespass to Chattels and Conversion (3:19)
Chapter 9. The Defense of Consent (3:32)
Chapter 10. Self Defense (4:41)
Chapter 11. Necessity (2:37)
Chapter 12. Negligence (2:31)
Chapter 13. Duty (4:09)
Chapter 14. Standards of Care (4:09)
Chapter 15. Landowners and Occupiers (5:46)
Chapter 16. Breach – Res Ipsa Loquitor (2:55)
Chapter 17. Breach – Negligence Per Se (3:32)
Chapter 18. Actual Causation (5:33)
Chapter 19. Proximate Causation (5:48)
Chapter 20. Damages (1:31)
Chapter 21. Contributory and Comparative Negligence (3:30)
Chapter 22. Assumption of Risk (3:02)
Chapter 23. Strict Liability (4:03)
Chapter 24. Products Liability (4:31)
Chapter 25. Products Liability Theories (5:52)
Chapter 26. Products Liability – Continued (4:06)
Chapter 27. Nuisance (4:45)
Chapter 28. Defamation (6:18)
Chapter 29. Defenses to Defamation and the First Amendment (2:54)
Chapter 30. The Invasion of Privacy Torts (6:24)
Chapter 31. Economic Torts (5:04)
Chapter 32. Vicarious Liability (6:44)

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