Our goal is to improve the overall learning experience for law students by creating innovative legal study aids, tailor-made for audio, that make it easier to understand and memorize the critical black letter rules of law tested on law school exams and the Multistate Bar.


  • Audio, digital, and portable study resource
  • Convenient – study anytime, anywhere
    • Transform your commute, workout, or chores into a productive study session
  • Only product of its kind
    • More effective and more efficient then lectures
  • Tests your knowledge of the black letter law tested on the Multistate Bar Exam
    • And applies the law to hypothetical bonus examples
  • Great for both law school and bar exam prep
    • Listen repeatedly to memorize the material
  • Simple and concise (each title is only 3 hours long)
  • Affordable

Our Story

After a long day of studying property law for the upcoming exam, I was about to call it a day.

Law students, you know what I’m talking about. After reading and re-reading through outlines, I was tired, my eyes were strained and my neck and back were sore.

However, I wasn’t ready to stop. I wanted to keep studying. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could lay down, close my eyes, and just listen to someone read the contents of an outline.

So I searched for property law audiobooks, but I couldn’t find anything useful. The closest things I found were recorded lectures, but those were too vague, too expensive, and too long.

At that moment, I set out to create AudioOutlines.

What are AudioOutlines?

AudioOutlines are not your typical bullet point legal study aids merely read aloud. They are much, much more.

Meticulously written by attorneys and law school graduates from top tier law schools, AudioOutlines are created with such an emphasis on the audio aspect, that simply by listening you’re able to learn, review and memorize complex legal subjects.

Subjects now available include Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Real Property, and Torts. We are currently in the process of producing the remaining MBE subjects (Evidence and Civil Procedure) to be released in 2021.

Each of our titles examines the black letter rules of law studied in law school and key bar exam concepts covered on the MBE. We break down important legal rules and discuss their elements in detail. We present real-life examples to demonstrate how the rules apply to fact patterns. And we also discuss significant landmark Supreme Court cases.

And unlike recorded lectures, AudioOutlines are simple and concise. Our study guides cover only the important concepts that you need to know—each title is just a few hours long—so you can study more efficiently.


Since AudioOutlines are made for your ears, they have to sound right.

So we teamed up with the perfect narrator for AudioOutlines–professional voice over artist Rafi Nemes, who also happens to be a practicing attorney.

Rafi has a nice, clear tone that allows you to concentrate on the content, and his delivery makes AudioOutlines ideal for learning, reviewing, and memorizing complex legal subjects.

Check out our YouTube channel to listen to additional samples.

Ultimately, AudioOutlines serve as a valuable study resource for law students and bar exam takers, helping you learn and memorize what you need to know with ease.

Thanks for visiting us and if you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please reach out on our Comment Page.