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In Criminal Procedure, we discuss the fundamental black-letter rules of criminal procedure most commonly tested on the MBE and in law school.

To help you truly learn and memorize criminal procedures, our professional narrator uses easy-to-understand language that organizes the topics in a way that makes sense.

We break down the all the basics of criminal procedure, like the Fourth Amendment and Miranda, and we present real-life examples to demonstrate how the rules of criminal procedure apply to hypothetical fact patterns.

AudioOutlines – Criminal Procedure serves as an extremely simplistic law school supplement and bar exam review rolled into one audio book. It’s a must-listen for all 1L law students and anyone preparing for the bar exam.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction (6:02)
Chapter 2. The Exclusionary Rule (4:28)
Chapter 3. Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule (6:47)
Chapter 4. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine (7:33)
Chapter 5. The Fourth Amendment – Governmental Conduct Requirement (4:11)
Chapter 6. Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (7:59)
Chapter 7. Fourth Amendment – Warrant Requirement (8:31)
Chapter 8. Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement – Search Incident to Arrest (5:53)
Chapter 9. Automobile Exception (3:36)
Chapter 10. Consent (4:07)
Chapter 11. Plain View Exception (3:56)
Chapter 12. Inventory Searches (2:01)
Chapter 13. Exigent Circumstances (3:53)
Chapter 14. Special Needs Exception to Warrant Requirement (2:27)
Chapter 15. Terry Stops and Frisks (4:50)
Chapter 16. Wiretapping and Eavesdropping (2:06)
Chapter 17. Arrests and Detentions (4:53)
Chapter 18. Police Interrogation and Confessions (4:57)
Chapter 19. Fifth Amendment Miranda Doctrine (12:05)
Chapter 20. Pre-Trial Identification (5:46)
Chapter 21. Grand Jury (2:53)
Chapter 22. Pre-Trial Proceedings (3:27)
Chapter 23. Pleas and Plea Bargaining (2:38)
Chapter 24. Trial Rights (7:03)
Chapter 25. Eighth Amendment (5:51)
Chapter 26. Double Jeopardy (5:19)
Chapter 27. Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Compelled Testimony (6:43)
Chapters 28-69. Bonus Examples